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Hong Kong’s Ultimate Team Building Experience

Since 2013, LOST has been cooperating and collaborating with various brands and organisations to host their corporate team building events. LOST reality escape games emphasis on developing elements such as team cooperation, communication, and comprehension for companies and corporations of all sizes. 
Our DISC certified coach will conduct our own proprietary analysis tool 16C Algorithm for debriefing session.  This program will look at and identify a team’s basic structure and breaks it down to 16 elements that can then help fix or improve a team’s efficiency.
Escape rooms are an interactive and entertaining team activity that can be used for company training or team building. In Hong Kong, we have the locations at Causeway Bay and Mong Kok which both have 7 unique themes and each room can have a maximum of 8 to 10 players. Each venue can accommodate a total of 65 people. 
Our Team building services will mainly focus on these aspects.

Communication skills:

The durations of all our themes are 45 minutes long. All puzzle triggering mechanisms need to be solved within the time limit. Most of the puzzles are solved by deciphering patterns, symbols or a small amount of text (Chinese and English). Therefore, there is not much of a language barrier. Players need to communicate constantly in order to find clues and search  for solutions.


No Hierarchy, Only Division of Labor:

Supervisors and subordinates have different functions on the job, but when you enter the escape room there’s no more hierarchy. So even if you are the boss of the group or an intern, everyone must cooperate and make use of their expertise to break through the challenges. This is also a good opportunity for the boss to pay attention to what the employees are good at, which might help the company increase productivity.


Focus on the same goal:

Sometimes there may be friction between colleagues or departments in a corporate setting, but as long as everyone is working towards the same goal everyone should strive together and overcome any disputes. Every player in the room is facing the same challenge, so you must focus on dealing with this common enemy and minimise unnecessary actions to achieve your goal.


Adversity Quotient Management:

In adversity, you need to constantly improve yourself, the escape room is no exception! Imagine what problems you encountered in your work, from the direction of the company’s development or maybe the trivial matters. You should also manage your adversity, find solutions and solve problems. This game is kind of like a simulation of how you and your teammates can solve the difficulties in the face of adversity, don’t care about winning or losing, but focus on the learning process.

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